BDC Services Managing Director wins 30 under 30 Tech Award

BDC Services Managing Director wins 30 under 30 Tech Award

Held at the Ivy Sunroom in Sydney, the 2019 Australian Reseller News (ARN) 30 Under 30 Tech Awards recognised the outstanding achievements and business excellence of 30 talented individuals. The awards were launched by ARN to showcase the brightest young technology minds in Australia. Whether already in positions of leadership, or just starting out, these awards aim to champion the next generation of talent.

A Leader, Innovator and Entrepreneur

Among numerous nominees, Managing Director of BDC Services, Brendan Dunne, has been named as one of only three winners in the entrepreneurship category of the ARN 30 under 30 Tech Awards. Speaking on leadership and his recent success, Dunne said “Leadership is about being a listener, being bold and acting in the service of others. The ARN 30 under 30 entrepreneur award is a testament to the strong channel support we have received. I am proud to be named in the 30 under 30.”

Since 1991, ARN has been a credible source and premier provider of information to the Australian IT channel. The publication provides the reseller community with the vital news, information and analysis that is required to keep Australia’s technology companies up to date on the local IT landscape and grow a business successfully. In their feature on Dunne, ARN writes that “he has been described as having a consistent drive for continuous improvement personally and professionally. He strives to innovate and has built strong relationships with his peers.”


Leveraging a Gap in the IT Industry

In late 2017, Dunne founded BDC Services to address a gap in the IT Infrastructure market, where IT personnel don’t always have the specialist knowledge to do things the right way to remove or reduce risk. Therefore, BDC Services ensures that this critical supporting layer is correctly installed, configured and maintained to guarantee availability. Put simply, while the IT industry typically focuses on providing discrete solutions to customers, BDC Services aims to provide IT solutions across all business needs, including complex IT infrastructure, electrical, cooling, AV, data cabling, access control and fire suppression requirements. 

BDC Measures Business Success through Achieving Efficiencies

By the end of 2018, BDC Services, a young team of under-30-year-olds managed by Dunne, reached more than $1 million in revenue. However, beyond financial stability, Dunne credits achieving efficiencies at all levels as a key method for measuring business success. His largely customer-centric approach involves leveraging both internal and external efficiencies in creating innovative solutions to pain points and specific issues that customers face.  For instance, Dunne defines efficiencies for the customer as ensuring clear, effective and value-added solutions that are delivered to their expectations. This can be accomplished when the business itself is performing smoothly through reducing room for error and decreasing duplication in data and processes. In both cases, these efficiencies help reduce risk, which ultimately represents success to Dunne.


Sharing Future Insights and Goals

The next 12 months for BDC Services will be about increasing sales and possible solutions per customer to become a ‘go to’ for all IT solutions, by using existing sales channels as a pipeline for other business verticals. Dunne highlights that continuing to innovate and growing with new key vendor relationships such as HP, Dell, Cisco, and Lenovo will enable the business to remain broad in its products portfolio while developing deeper and stronger capabilities and focusing on strategic alliances and accredited partnerships.

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Adapted from article in ARN.