Eco Battery Range

BDC Services' range of Eco Battery Products & Services offers you quality, environmentally friendly replacement batteries for your UPS or Battery Back Up System.

If you have suitably experienced on-site staff, you can choose a self-installation option for an individual battery block (EBB) or for a complete battery cartridge (EBC).

We also offer a full service (EBS) option for clients who need our specialist onsite support for installation and testing.


Eco Battery Block (EBB)

DIY Option 

Eco Battery Block

  • For replacement of individual battery blocks within a battery cartridge
  • Supply only for self-installation
  • Brand new vendor quality battery blocks
  • Industry standard 1-yr warranty
  • ISO14001 compliant disposal of old blocks

Ideal if you need to replace some battery blocks within a cartridge and have technical on-site people who are suitably experienced in un-packing and re-packing battery cartridges

Eco Battery Cartridge (EBC)

Quick and Easy Option

Eco Battery Cartridge

  • Pre-assembled complete cartridge or battery pack
  • Supply only for self-installation
  • Industry standard 1-yr warranty
  • Subject to availability for some models
  • ISO14001 compliant recycling of old cartridges

Ideal if you need to replace an entire battery cartridge and have staff on-site who can perform a battery cartridge swap and self-test

Eco Battery Services (EBS)

Comprehensive and Hassle-free Option 

Eco Battery Service

  • Supply, install and testing of new battery cartridge or blocks and UPS Systems
  • Includes Preventative Maintenance service
  • Extends warranty by 1 additional year, supporting your new battery for a total of 2-years
  • 2-years business hours phone and email technical support for any UPS System issues
  • ISO14001 compliant recycling and disposal of old blocks and cartridges

Ideal if your business has high availability needs and you don’t have any in-house UPS or electrical specialist knowledge

More About the Eco Battery Range

For customers that are concerned about the environmental impact of their purchases, the Eco Battery Range is compliant with the ISO14001 international standard for Environmental Management Systems.

When doing battery replacements we re-use the metal chassis, connectors and components wherever possible and the battery blocks themselves are recycled via our ISO14001 compliant recycling partner.

We can supply Eco Batteries Australia-wide for all UPS brands including:

APC by Schneider Electric, ABB, AEG, Alpha Power Systems, Chase Power, CyberPower Systems, Dell, Delta, Eaton, Eltek, Emerson, Fujitsu, GE, HP, Huawei, IBM, Liebert, MGE, NEC, PowerShield, Powerware, Riello, Rittal, Thycon, Tripplite, Vertiv, Xtreme.