Emerson Liebert Vertiv Network Management Card RDU-SIC G2

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Liebert RDU-SIC G2 Network Management Card with Environmental Monitoring for Liebert GXT3 and Liebert ITA UPS, bundled w/ 02311720 Temp/hum sensor and 2m Cat5 cable

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The Liebert RDU-SIC is an ideal monitoring and management solution for rack type UPS devices (compatible with Liebert GXT3 and Liebert ITA) and precision air conditioning units like Liebert DM3000. It features an environmental monitoring capability that can accept signals from a Liebert temperature or temperature/humidity combo sensor.

The Liebert RDU-SIC provides virtual management of the UPS and its surroundings by monitoring environmental conditions and the rack type PDU’s status.


  • Set predefined thresholds
  • Detect and be notified of critical conditions for parameters such as temperature and humidity within UPS surrounding or individual racks
  • Export historical data and analyze for trends to help avoid the same issues in the future
  • Monitor and/or control Rack PDUs

    Enhancing Power Protection Through Efficient UPS Management
    The Liebert RDU-SIC is a network management card that has the ability to communicate with a Liebert UPS, power distribution units and Liebert DM through network communication. It can also connect to the environment monitoring equipment, including IRM series temperature sensor, temperature & humidity sensor, Liebert MPS Switched & Metered PDU.

    Equipped with an intelligent equipment alarm, it notifies the user through sending a trap message, sending an E-Mail or SMS. The Liebert RDU-SIC card provides four approaches to monitor the UPS or PACU equipment and the room environment through:
  • Web Browser - Monitor your equipment and the room environment through the Web server function provided by the SIC card
  • Network Management System (NMS) - Monitor your equipment and the room environment through the SNMP agent function provided by the SIC card
  • SiteMonitor - SiteMonitor is a piece of network management software designed to monitor equipment room power and environment through the TCP/IP interface provided by the SIC card
  • Centralized Management Software (Liebert Nform) - Monitor your equipment and the room environment through the Velocity Server service function provided by the SIC card

    The Liebert RDU-SIC card can also work with the Network Shutdown computer safe shutdown program developed by Emerson Network Power to provide automatic and safe shutdown function for your computer to prevent data loss.