RBP0027 CyberPower Replacement Battery Pack (alternate part code: RB0690X4A

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CyberPower RBP0027 CyberPower UPS Replacement Battery Pack Suitable for CyberPower UPS PR750ELCDRT1U or PR1000ELCDRT1U

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CyberPower RBP0027 CyberPower UPS Replacement Battery Pack restores life to CyberPower UPS systems with depleted internal batteries. The pre-assembled battery pack installs easily in your CyberPower UPS system. All replacement battery packs contain leak-proof, sealed lead-acid batteries, which never require replacement fluid.

Suitable for CyberPower UPS PR750ELCDRT1U or PR1000ELCDRT1U


  • Sealed Lead-acid Batteries
  • Guaranteed Compatibility
  • Leakproof Design
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Maintenance-free