Engineering and Manufacturing Company makes the most of a Tight Budget

Engineering and Manufacturing Company makes the most of a Tight Budget

The IT Manager at an engineering and manufacturing company had a challenge on his hands with a high level of redundancy needed within a limited budget for a new server room

The Challenges

The Solution

  • High level of redundancy needed within limited budget
  • Need for systems that can easily be self-managed by staff without specialist power knowledge
  • Limited size of building access points

The company doesn’t have a facilities department so the provision of physical infrastructure, including power protection and distribution falls to the IT team. Without specialist knowledge, finding the right balance of redundancy versus budget was proving to be a headache.


IT Manager gets Help from Specialists

The IT Manager approached BDC Services to help with scoping the project and finding the best solution that would meet the need without breaking the bank.

The BDC Services team was able to design a solution that included:

Fully Supported with Delivery, Install and Staff Training

BDC Services ensured a smooth process for the delivery and install, working with distribution partners and vendors to ensure equipment was available in line with the project timeline.

The racks were delivered flat to allow access up a stairway to the server room and assembled by the BDC Services team within the room. The electrical install and configuration included a delayed and sequenced start-up so as not to overload the UPS.

They also did training with the on-site IT staff on how to manage the load on the UPS on an ongoing basis and on the capabilities of the pro-active monitoring system.

With the BDC Services team guiding them through the process, the client enjoyed a hassle-free installation and have been able to up-skill their team to manage the infrastructure going forward.

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